Anonymous asked:

What are the confirmed songs for ARTPOP Act Two?

ladygagarumours answered:

There are no confirmed songs for ARTPOP: Act II, but I can tell you the confirmed songs that didn’t make it to the album:

  • 'Princess Die'
  • 'Cake'
  • 'Stache'
  • 'Ratchet' (feat. Azealia Banks and Beyoncé)
  • 'Red Flame' (feat. Azealia Banks)
  • 'TEA'
  • 'I Wanna Be With You'
  • 'Brooklyn Nights'
  • 'Temple'
  • 'Onion Girl'
  • 'In Like With You'
  • 'Tinnitus'
  • 'Sire'

14 songs total